Certification Process

Statement of Impartiality

Kvalitet a.d. is organized and works as an impartial, competent, responsible organization, so that it provides its clients with complete confidence in the certification system. Principles on which our business is based can be read in the following document:


Management system certification procedure

After the implementation of the management system in your company in accordance with the requirements of the standard, it is necessary for you to apply for the certification procedure. Kvalitet a.d., as certification body, can perform certification of a number of management systems, eather individual or integrated management systems.

All costs related to the certification procedure are defined by our price list and applicable regulations.

For a detailed description of the management system certification procedure, see the following document: Management System Certification Rulebook (at the moment in Serbian, but translation will be here soon), and below is a brief description of the activities.

Information exchange between a certification body and client

The initial interview between Kvalitet a.d. and you representatives is conducted for the purpose of introduction and presentation of our certification procedure and is conducted in person, on-line or by telephone. Your request for quotation can be submitted in person, by mail or electronically.

An information interview may be conducted before sending the quotation, in order to collect data on the basis of which an appropriate offer is formed. During the interview, the complete procedure of certification is presented to the client.

The data required for issuing the quotation (offer) are:

  • Information about the client organization:
    • name
    • address
    • registration number
    • the number of employees per location and the list of locations included in the scope of certification
    • scope of certification
    • type of certification: initial certification, recertification of extension of certification
    • the standard(s) you wish to certify
  • Contact person information:
    • name
    • position/function
    • phone
    • e-mail.

Submitting a request

In order to start the certification process, you need to fill out the following form (completed form implies that our offer has been accepted):

If you have any doubts about filling out this form, we will help you.

Preparation and reconciliation

After you submit the request, we will confirm to you the receiption and start processing and reviewing of the request. You need to provide us with the documentation that is listed in the request (either in electronic form or on paper).

Even after accepting the request from our side, you CAN at any time CANCEL the certification procedure, whereby you are obliged to pay the costs actually incurred up to that moment, based on the issued invoice of our certification body.

Preparation and reconciliation are carried out based on agreement with you and include:

  • reviewing of request
  • determination of the team of auditors
  • delivery of your rules of procedures and other documentation necessary for conducting the audit


Stage 1 of audit

Assessment of documentation

Documentation assessment is a preliminary assessment of the compliance of your management system with the requirements of the chosen standard/model.


The pre-assessment is a visit to your organization or on-line assessment by our auditors, a review of existing documentation, a (virtual) tour of your company and/or production premises. The pre-assessment is, in fact, a check to see if your organization is ready to be assessed in Stage 2. On the pre-assessment, we form a report that we deliver to you, in which, among other things, we state all our possible “concerns” and all areas that can be classified as non-conformities during the Stage 2 audit.

After resolving all potential non-conformities, we can proceed to the audit (assessment) in Stage 2.

Stage 2 of audit


Before the audit itself, we prepare an audit plan, which we deliver to you. After agreeing on the plan with you, we our team of auditors perform the audit itself at your location or on-line.

Audit represents the collection of objective evidence on the degree of compliance of applied procedures, activities and documentation in your organization with the requirements of the chosen standard/model.

Audit includes, among other things:

  • review of documentation
  • conversation with employees
  • observation of the work process, etc.


Issuing of certificates

After the audit and resolving all non-conformities, a decision is made to issue a certificate.
The decision to issue a certificate is made by our Management System Certification Commission, if the results of the audit confirm compliance with the requirements of the chosen standard/model.

Making a decision on issuing a certificate, issuing a certificate and adding your company into the “Register of Certified Organizations” is carried out only after you settle all financial obligations incurred in the verification and certification process.

It is possible to have your logo printed on the certificate.

Before printing the certificate we send it to you for the approval.

The certificate is valid for 3 years.

Surveillance and recertification

Surveillance of the certified management system can be regular or non-regular.

The certified organization is obliged to enable us to perform a regular supervisory surveillance once a year, based on the obligation that the holder of the certificate maintains the established management system. An non-planed supervisory surveillance is carried out in cases of justified objections to the certificate holder or knowledge of the certification body Kvalitet a.d. that the holder of the certificate does not meet the conditions under which the certificate was issued.

Surveillance costs are calculated in accordance with the price list and are not included in the price of the initial certification itself.

  • The first surveillance audit is performed no later than 12 months after the last one on the day of the audit in phase 2 and may be of a reduced scope compared to the initial one audit.
  • The second surveillance audit is performed no later than 24 months after the last one on the day of the phase 2 check and may also be reduced in scope compared to initial audit.
  • Recertification audit is performed so that the entire activity is completed by the end of the certificate duration cycle of 3 (three) years. At that moment, a new certificate is obtained, which begins new certification cycle of 3 (three) years.

Suspension and withdrawal of certificates

In some cases (and only when the company whose management system is certified does not comply with the certification rules or does not maintain its management system), it may happen that the certification body Kvalitet a.d. must suspend or withdraw the certificate.

All companies whose certificates have been suspended or withdrawn may not refer to certification when advertising their products/services.