Quality Policy

Statement of respect for impartiality

Kvalitet a.d. is organized and works as an impartial, competent, responsible organization. You can read about the principles on which our business is based in the following document:
Statement of respect for impartiality

Quality policy

Due to increasing competition in the domestic and international markets, not only price and term of execution, but also service quality plays a decisive role. Special attention must be paid to the reputation of enterprise and meeting the requirements for management systems, defined in the current editions of domestic and international quality standards:

  • SRPS ISO/IEC 17025,
  • SRPS ISO/IEC 17065,
  • SRPS ISO/IEC 17020,
  • SRPS ISO/IEC 17021.

The trademark of our company must be a high level of service quality and trust among our customers. The management is committed to ensure that all procedures of product conformity assessment, verification and certification of management systems, calibration and control of products are prescribed and performed in a standard way, which prevent discrimination of any service user.

All our employees and contracted persons have to:

  • permanently and consistently provide high quality services;
  • efficiently perform duties and tasks prescribed and described in the documentation of quality management system;
  • ensure proper implementation of procedures and guidelines of quality management systems by planning and applying risk management;
  • work to improve the quality management system by updating and synchronizing documents with new releases of reference documents, improving knowledge and performing staff training and applying new test equipment;
  • constantly work on exploring the opportunities for new services;
  • ensure compliance with requirements for obtaining and maintaining the appointments and accreditations for testing, certification and conformity assessment of products, certification of management systems, calibration of measuring equipment and conformity control of products;
  • foster a correct attitude toward customers in addition to fulfilling their requirements.

The purpose of the quality management system is to constantly improve business and services to our customers.

Management of Kvalitet a.d. Niš, and in particular the Head of Quality Assurance, are responsible for meeting the standards by which the company is accredited. They are also responsible for consistent implementation of the requirement for maintaining, continuous improving of the effectiveness and improvement of the quality management system.

Management of Kvalitet a.d. is obliged to provide a high level of quality customer service and apply good engineering and professional practice.

In Niš, January 19th 2022

Vladimir Vukašinović
general manager