Gas Appliances

Laboratory for Gas Appliances is accredited by ATS.

This laboratory enables and provides verification of safety, reliability and product quality of gas appliances to all producers, traders, end users and other parties.

The types of products that can be tested

In the Laboratory for Gas Appliances the following types of the product can be tested (the full list is in the scope of accreditation):

  • stoves
  • slots
  • hotplates
  • ovens
  • grills

Services provided by the laboratory

The laboratory provides the following services:

  • conformity assessment for gas appliances for domestic cooking according to standards SRPS EN 30-1-1, SRPS EN 30-1-2, SRPS EN 30-1-3, SRPS EN 30-1-4 in accordance with accreditation
  • testing of household gas appliances for cooking or their parts
  • pre-compliance tests of household gas appliances for cooking
  • inspection of products