R&TT Certificates

What are R&TT Certificates?

R&TT, which stands for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment. KVALITET a.d. Nis is designated as a Conformity Assessment Body to issuing Certificates of Conformity mandatory for placing R&TT equipment on the Serbian market, pursuant to Rulebook on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment. These certificates are a crucial part of the process that ensures devices fully comply with national standards and regulations in the field of telecommunications.


Device Security - Top Priority of R&TT Certification

The security of devices with wireless connections becomes increasingly important as technology advances. R&TT certificates involve detailed examinations to verify the safety of devices for both users and the devices themselves. Testing includes aspects such as protection against hacking, data encryption, and overall security of wireless connections.

Electromagnetic Compatibility - Key to Preserving the Environment and Health

In addition to safety, R&TT certificates place great importance on electromagnetic compatibility. Electromagnetic pollution can have serious consequences for the environment and human health. R&TT conducts tests focused on maintaining the electromagnetic compatibility of devices to prevent interference with other systems and reduce users’ exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Benefits of R&TT Certification

Obtaining R&TT certificates brings numerous benefits to both device manufacturers and end-users. Manufacturers receive official recognition that their products comply with the highest safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. On the other hand, users have the assurance that the devices they use are safe, reliable, and do not jeopardize their health.

R&TT certificates represent a key component of modern society, which increasingly relies on wireless technologies. These certificates ensure that devices with wireless connections undergo rigorous testing, ensuring their safety and electromagnetic compatibility. In the face of rapid technological progress, R&TT certificates become an essential tool for preserving the security and quality of wireless devices used in our daily lives.


Documents required for issuing R&TT Confirmation of Conformity

For issuing of Confirmations of conformity according to Rulebook on R&TT equipment you shell submit:

  1. Declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer with reference to Directive 1999/5/EC or RED 2014/53/EU and standards that relate to RF spectrum, EMC and safety.

  2. Test reports according to the harmonized standards listed in the Declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer.

  3. Filled and verified Request for Certification according to the Rulebook on R&TT equipment (in Word format).

    Request form could be found here.

Important note: Before sending the request for the first time, you should sign (and seal, if possible) Agreement on Product Conformity Assessment. This Agreement you should send us only once, but ih hard copy, before sending us the first request. Without a signed contract Kvalitet a.d. will not be able to issue you requested documents.

Note: According to the Rulebook the applicant can only be a legal entity registered in the Republic of Serbia!

If you have any questions regarding anything above or around the completion and submission the request, please contact us.

Additional information regarding the issuing of Confirmation of Conformity

Any additional information about the issuing of the Confirmations of Conformity, legislation and other matters can be found here.