Frequently Asked Questions


What is needed for obtaining Confirmation of Conformity? 


For issuing Confirmation of Conformity you should send:

  • Mail or Letter with request, in which you specify data of your company, products, types and manufacturers of all appliances for which you need Confirmations of Conformity .
  • Filed Application form.
  • Declaration(s) of Conformity issued by the manufacturer or his representative according to the current directives.
  • Test reports or Certificates issued by the notified body (registered in the NANDO database). If there are no available reports of testing, for products for which it has accreditation and appointment, Kvalitet a.d. Niš could perform necessary testing and issue test reports according to harmonized standards.
  • Instruction manual in Serbian language


When the Declaration of Identity is needed?


In submitted documents all data about the appliance must be identical: types and/or trademark on Declaration of Conformity and on Certificates or Test Reports. If there are differences in the data, Declaration of Identity issued by manufacturer is needed as a proof that the products with different types are electrically identical, or similar in a way that the same requests for conformity are fulfilled. In other words, DoI is a proof that two or more appliances has same electric characteristics, and the dereference is only in design, color or similar.


What should I do if I can not obtain Test Report or Certificate for appliance?


If you could not provide test reports or certificates, Kvalitet a.d. Niš could perform testing for products that are under our accreditation and appointments.

In that case you should submit the sample(s) and documentation listed below. If the products meet the requirements of the harmonized standards,  Kvalitet a.d. Niš will issue test report and certificate of conformity (or for Serbian market Confirmation or Statement of Conformity).

For testing you should submit:

  • wiring (electrical) diagram of the product
  • mounting scheme
  • list of embedded component parts
  • sample or multiple samples of product if required by the standard(s)