Join-stock company for quality testing Kvalitet was founded in 1981., by secession of three laboratories from “Ei-Televizija”. Seventeen workers started the operation and the enterprise, so founded, underwent several organizational transformations up to 1990.

In addition to work on organizational structure and expansion of the enterprise’s activities, the construction of new work premises (area) of 2000 square meters has started in 1986. and finished in 1988.

By the end of 1989., the enterprise was reorganized and transformed modeling itself after international organizations from the field of quality testing.

At the beginning of 1990. the decision on founding an independent and autonomous organization was made.

She same year Kvalitet’s laboratories gained the status of recognized laboratories within the IECEE scheme, or so-called CB scheme, that regulates testing and certification of electro technical products. From august 2005. Kvalitet a.d. is a national certification body (NCB) within the scheme.

Kvalitet a.d. was in that period authorized for conducting activities of obligatory attestation of product and metrological checking of measuring instrument accuracy by the Federal Institution for Standardization and Federal Bureau of Measures and Precious Metals.

Under the name of Joint-stock company for quality testing Kvalitet has been doing its business from June 23rd 2000.

That very same year Kvalitet has became the first organization accredited in the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by the Accreditation Body of Serbia and Montenegro (JUAT) as a testing laboratory and certification body for products.

Kvalitet a.d. is now independent and neutral organization.