Twenty years since obtaining the first accreditation - 28.06.2020.

On this day exactly twenty years ago Kvalitet a.d. Nis became the first body to receive an accreditation certificate in Serbia and Montenegro. The accreditation was issued by the Accreditation Body of Serbia and Montenegro to our testing laboratories. Four months after obtaining the first, the second accreditation followed, this time for the certification body for products and in the following years Kvalitet a.d. Nis obtained three more accreditations.

At the ceremony organized by the Accreditation Body of Serbia on June 9 to mark the World Accreditation Day and Accreditation Day in the Republic of Serbia, our representative was presented with certificates of appreciation and a silver medal for successful long-term work and contribution to the development of the accreditation system in the Republic of Serbia.

You can find more about the celebration of the Accreditation Body of Serbia here.